The technology that looks like a game-changer on paper will inevitably face the reality

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The level of awareness and certain hype around 5G has been increasing rapidly over recent years, and now it seems that we reached a peak in a sense that almost everybody knows that something called 5G is coming. Some phone manufacturers pledge to launch a 5G device this year, AT&T uses a 5G network icon for its services, governments discuss if the Chinese companies should be allowed to build the infrastructure, and first beta tests are being undertaken.

Many things are happening. Analysts and tech enthusiasts talk a lot about 5G since the technology is promised to dramatically change the…

Small details in the submission package can be the difference between approval and rejection

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Apple is famous for its tedious process of reviewing new app submissions. The company’s App Store is one of the few places where every app is still reviewed manually. Developers rarely get everything right on the first try, despite the fact that there is a lot of documentation on the Apple website on what to take care of when submitting an app.

Some requirements are clear, and it is likely you already did, or tried, everything in your power to ensure they are met. For instance, the list of most common rejection reasons includes crashes and bugs, broken links, inaccurate…

The game encapsulates the idea of using agile practices in game development

Source: EA’s Anthem

Anthem is the latest game by BioWare and EA, launched for some controversy at the end of February. The game looks really great on paper:

  • High-end graphics with spectacular game levels.
  • Interesting mechanics with an ability to fly in an Iron-Man style suite.
  • BioWare, a beloved by many people studio, as a leading developer.

However, the game contains some issues that many analysts and players label as “fundamental flaws,” which leads to the game’s low score among critics and players. Although the game indeed has controversies when it comes to certain parts of game design and performance, players, and especially…

Why scientists use virtual worlds to create real-life solutions

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The field of Artificial Intelligence has seen a rapid boom over recent years, as the set of techniques and technologies behind AI promises to improve almost every aspect of our lives. Hence, AI is used for enhancing manufacturing efficiency, creating self-driving systems for cars, predicting stock prices, scheduling repairs for industrial goods, and for other useful things that could directly make our lives better.

However, there is another application of AI algorithms that does not seem to bear any economic benefits but is still researched widely — AI that plays video games.

Here, we are not talking about NPCs (in-game…

It was not a very usual Monday for the gaming world

On Monday, February 4, a development studio Respawn Entertainment invited all players across the globe to join their Twitch, a game streaming service, channel to show some details of a new game in the Titanfall universe. The previous title in the series, Titanfall 2, was released a bit more than two years ago to high critical acclaim, and many fans have been longing for a sequel. Therefore, the studio’s invite had looked like a possible reveal of Electronic Arts’, a parent company of Respawn, plans to develop something like Titanfall 3.

Instead, the news turned out to be something completely…

The era of game streaming is closer than it appears, and there is a couple of clear reasons for this.

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It seems safe to assume that most Internet users across the globe have heard of Netflix and its video streaming service. According to the company’s latest financial report, the subscription-based offering counts 139 million people as paying subscribers worldwide, which means 2% of the world population enjoys films and TV series on demand. In fact, it seems obvious that Netflix has become a synonym for video streaming in general.

When it comes to video games, this kind of entertainment has only recently started its move toward various subscription-based business models, collectively referred to with a shiny new term Games-as-a-Service. (Although…

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